Latest information on Busch Gardens Williamsburg's 2020 Project

For almost two years, speculation about a so-called "Project Madrid" at Busch Gardens Williamsburg has hit the web. The new area would be themed as a Spanish hamlet, and height balloons were flown over the park for a 315 foot tall attraction (which was approved by the local Board of Supervisors). Over time, the original concept fizzled out a bit, and the scope of the project has reportedly changed since its initial proposal.

Since the beginning however, the leading rumor has been that the focal point of the project would be a major roller coaster attraction. These rumors were solidified more when a graphic reportedly from the park was leaked in September of 2018, depicting a concept art of the coaster, as well as some details on the side. It is likely that this image was found in a corporate master plan for upcoming seasons or a presentation to employees in a higher role.

Based on the info that we have seen so far, some assumptions can be made about what exactly this new ma…

Kings Dominion to remove Volcano: The Blast Coaster

After 20 years of being one of the most unique and overall well-praised roller coasters in the world, Kings Dominion announced last week that they have decided to remove the famous roller coaster, due to its increasing issues in recent years. The ride sat closed for nearly the entire 2018 operating season, after an incident early in the season, where a couple of reports suggested a major mechanical malfunction in the launch system.

Disney World Fastpass+ Strategy- General Tips

Planning a Disney World vacation may be intimidating, especially with many people having the question, "Are the lines really as bad as people say? I'm worried we won't get on many rides". If you do the traditional 7-10 day vacation, it may not be an issue. But, if you're someone who only has 1 day in each park, and you're unsure if you will ever be back, it is a legitimate concern for the amount of money that you have spent.

Disney's FastPass+ system is unique to the Disney World Resort, and works in a way different than most traditional FastPass systems. This article is meant to give you information and tips for planning your FastPass attractions, to ensure that you will get on the most rides possible.

Here is some general info and FAQs about the system:

1. FastPass+ is free and available to everyone, no additional charge: Unlike most FastPass tickets at traditional parks, the beauty of Disney's system is that it comes at no extra charge to you. Anyon…

Why RMC Gwazi needs to live up to the Rumors

First Drop Magazine out of Europe has recently leaked that the restoration project of Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa will make the ride a record holding attraction, unlike any other built before by RMC. Like many coasters before it, RMC will likely transform the traditional wooden tracks into their steel I-Box track system. While nothing is confirmed yet, several clues have given some weight to the rumors leaked by First Drop, a source that has been regarded as very credible in the industry.
Flashback to September of 2018, when Busch Gardens announced their new for 2019 "Tigris" coaster, a compact Premier SkyRocket II model, which will replace the defunct Tidal Wave attraction. At the press conference, the park shed some light on Gwazi, which had been SBNO for 3 years, stating that in 2020, the coaster would be transformed to something brand new.

In December, construction permits to the city of Tampa were found, citing the Gwazi parcel and RMC as the construction company for …

The State of Universal: Are they going in the right direction?

On July 24, 2017, I made myself a promise that I've held to this day. The promise was that I would not step foot into another Universal park unless they installed an attraction that was a respectable replacement for Dueling Dragons/Dragon Challenge. Call me bitter, but the fact that they chose to remove a world class attraction unlike any other for reasons that are still unexplained is a thorn in the side of any theme park fan.

The issue with my ultimatum is that from Universal's point of view, that's a hard task to accomplish. Three of their newest attractions at either park at the Orlando resort have been screen-based simulator rides. When done the right way, a motion simulator is fine. Disney's Animal Kingdom's Flight of Passage simulator is one of the best attractions that I have ever ridden. But Universal's recent simulator rides have been widely rated as very mediocre or poor attractions.

I remember how greatly anticipated the Skull Island: Reign of Kong …

Introduction and About Me

For almost three years now, I have been going back and forth with creating my own website. On each attempt, it would reach a point where I would become overwhelmed with outside work, and not have the time anymore to continuously update my site. It's hard to gain an active following when your website becomes stagnant and stale, even if you attempt to reboot it months later.

Every time that I would step away from this project, I would begin to regret it as soon I would want to get back into writing again. I have tried many different things, YouTube, podcasts, even different features on the website itself, all to become as what we call SBNO in this industry, standing but not operating.

So how is this different? In my mind, a blog is the best platform for me. Unlike a website, it will require minimal maintenance and updates, while still allowing me to post my daily thoughts and tips. Over time, I can expand on this, reboot my YouTube channel, and much more. A blog can be compared to a…